dōTERRA Essential Oils
In a fast paced and hectic world we experience many stresses both large and small that can affect our health and wellbeing. We are also bombarded with a myriad of solutions that can help us, but have you ever considered essential oils as a preventative and therapeutic tool for optimum health? This week we found [...]
It’s Vegetarian Awareness Month
October is Vegetarian Awareness Month so if you’ve been contemplating making the switch to a plant-based diet, or at least incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet, now is an excellent time to do just that. Plant-based eating is going mainstream with more people than ever making the switch. Why is that, we hear you [...]
Leahlani Skincare Review by Liv Lundelius
I can not wait for summer! While I enjoyed staying cosy this winter, I am already so excited for swims on the beach and warm summer nights. I was instantly transported back to warmer climes when I was received Leahlani’s Mahana Organic Coco Infusion in the mail the other day. I rubbed it into my skin [...]
Thumbs Up: Time IV Change Watches
What are they? Time IV Change are an Australian brand of cruelty-free, stylish, unisex watches. The business was born out of a desire to create something that could help bring about positive change in the world. Ethical Credentials: Time IV Change believe that animals need their skins just as much as we do, so instead [...]
Pet of the Month
Rabbits would have to be among the cutest creatures on earth, with their adorable floppy ears, soft fur and sweet natures, however they often get treated very cruelly by us humans. We experiment on them, test our cosmetics on them and farm them for their meat and fur. The kind people at Freedom for [...]
Thumbs Up: Among Equals Bilum Bags
What are they? Among Equals are a range of stunning Bilum bags woven by indigenous women in the highlands of  Papua New Guinea. They are made from either natural fibres or woollen/acryllic yarn. The Founder of Among Equals, Caroline Sherman, fell in love with the gorgeous colours and designs of Bilum bags at an exhibition [...]

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