5 Great Reasons to Adopt a Rescue Animal

1. It’s cheaper than buying a pet from a breeder

While you still usually have to pay for a rescue pet – around $400 for a dog and $200 for a cat – to cover expenses such as vaccinations, micro-chipping and neutering/spaying, it’s far less than what you pay for a breed, which can be in the thousands of dollars.

cat and dog


2. It’s never been easier to find your new best friend

Thanks to an amazing website called PetRescue https://www.petrescue.com it’s super easy to locate the pet that’s right for you. PetRescue lists animals available for adoption from shelters and rescue groups all around Australia. It allows you to filter your search by animal type, age and location and provides photos and a description of the animal’s personality and temperament. You can also visit one of the many animal shelters run by organisations such as the RSPCA and the Animal Welfare League, which have plenty of animals up for adoption.


cute dog


3. You’re saving a life

Sadly around 250,000 dogs and cats are euthanized in Australia every year. When you adopt a rescue pet you can feel good in the knowledge that you’re saving an animal from this horrible fate.


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4. Mixed breeds suffer less health problems

Many breeds of dogs and cats suffer from health problems due to in-breeding. Mixed breeds don’t tend to have the same health issues, which means a healthier animal and less vet bills!


cat and dog 2

5. They’re so darn cute!

While all animals are incredibly gorgeous we think there’s something particularly cute about mutts and moggies. Their faces are so unique and full of character – just check out these cuties!



So, if you’re in the market for a best friend of the four-legged variety, we hope you’ll consider adopting a rescue animal. Not only will you be making a difference to an animal’s life, you’ll be greatly improving your own.



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