About Us


deb-picDebbie Kertesz

I am a life-long animal lover with a professional background in nutrition and public health. I have extensive experience in helping others make changes to their diet and lifestyle and have combined this with my dedication to the causes of animal welfare and sustainable living to create www.consumewithcare.org. I live in Sydney with my husband, three children, dog and cat.


Nat-imageNatalie Penn

I have always had love and respect for animals with whom we share our earth. My work experience has included projects and events for various environmental and animal welfare organisations and I am passionate about living a sustainable life. I believe that what you buy, you buy into and that we all hold the power in our everyday purchases to create change and send a message to government and corporations about the products and systems we support and those we do not. I live in Sydney with my husband, two children and two dogs.


Our Mission

Consumewithcare.org is a not-for-profit website which aims to educate and inspire consumers to make conscious choices, with regards to their health, animals and our precious planet. We want to empower people to vote with their wallets to create change.


We provide recommendations for which products to buy and where to buy them, making more conscious consumption both easy and accessible. We strongly believe that together we can make a huge difference!


‘…our aim is to empower the consumer to vote with their wallet…’



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