The problem with pesticides
As a mum and a dietitian I’m big on trying to get my kids to eat their veggies. I’ve been buying mostly organic fruit and vegetables for around 5 years now, but I still occasionally buy conventional produce when necessary for convenience or if I can’t get what I need from my organic grocer. On average I’d say I buy organic about 75% of the time and non-organic 25% of the time. But lately I’ve been wondering if feeding my family non-organic produce (i.e. food that has been grown using [...]
Thumbs Up: Mini Macro Beef Range
What is it? Mini Macro Organic and Macro Organic beef products. Includes Beef Mini Meatballs, Beef Mini Sausages, Beef Sausages and Beef Burgers. Ethical credentials Made from certified organic Australian beef supplied by the Arcadian Organic Meat Company. According to their website their certified organic beef is “100% free from hormone growth promotants (HGPs), free from genetic modification (GM free), antibiotics and all other synthetic chemicals, and our farmers do not use feedlots to raise their livestock.” How does it taste? My family love the meatballs. I cook them up [...]
Thumbs Up: Mulloon Creek Natural Farms Eggs
What is it? Mulloon Creek Organic Free-Range Eggs They also produce pasture fed organic beef, lamb and pork. Ethical Credentials Mulloon Creek have been producing certified organic free-range eggs since 2004. Not only do their chickens receive high quality organic feed, they also spend all day free-ranging and eating fresh grasses, legumes and bugs. Their hens’ sheds are open around the bottom so that they can freely graze on pasture but can easily move under shelter away from flying predators and the elements when they need. The sheds are moved [...]
Thumbs Up: Elgaar Farm dairy products
What is it? Elgaar Farm is a brand of organic dairy products. Their range includes milk, cheese, yoghurt, cream and butter Ethical credentials Firstly, all Elgaar Farm products are organic. This means their cows are raised on pasture where they feed on a mix of grasses and herbs, which are never sprayed with artificial chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Their cows are not fed antibiotics or hormones and any ailments are treated with natural remedies. The average lifespan of a dairy cow in Australia is 5 years but Elgaar Farm’s [...]
Nose To Tail
There is a lot to be said for nose to tail eating, that is, making use of all the parts of the animal and wasting as little as possible. After taking an animal’s life for food, the least we can do is use all of it. We have become a generation of consumers who buy choice cuts and create a lot of waste when it comes to eating animals. In the modern Anglo-Saxon world, most offal (the “off-fall” from a carcass) goes into pet food, but once upon a time [...]
The low down on genetically modified foods
Since genetically modified (GM) foods appeared on our radars more than a decade ago they have been the cause of fierce debate among scientists, activists and the like. So, I decided it was time to get myself properly informed on the topic in the hope of better understanding their impact on me personally, my family and our planet. Below is a summary of what I found. Please note that this is a complex issue, so while I’ve tried my best to be brief, this blog is a little bit longer [...]

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