Meat Free Week: Are you up for the challenge?
We believe that in life it’s important to shake things up from time to time and push the boundaries, which is why we’re very excited about an upcoming event called Meat Free Week. The idea behind it is to go without eating meat for a week, while at the same time raising money for some very worthwhile causes. Meat Free Week aims to raise awareness about how much meat Australians eat (3 times the world average and double the amount recommended by the Australian Dietary Guidelines) and the impact eating [...]
Less Is More
We all love food and spend a lot of our time thinking about it, shopping for it, preparing it, eating it and then thinking about our next meal. We also throw a lot of it away. The New Year provides a great opportunity to commit to new habits. One that I will be focusing on this year is minimising my own family’s food waste. Here are a couple of tips that will help you do the same: Shop Wisely Plan your meals ahead, use a shopping list (and stick to [...]
Ethical eating on holidays
Each year at around this time we pack up the car and the kids and head to the South Coast of NSW for our holidays and each year I face the same dilemma – how to eat ethically while away from home when access to organic and free range animal products is limited. The town in which we stay has an IGA where free range eggs are usually available but free range or organic meat – forget it! So, I thought I’d share my tips on eating ethically while on [...]
Peace On Earth Begins On Your Plate
By now, many people are aware of the cruel treatment of factory-farmed animals born and raised for food. To make your stand against this cruelty, avoiding factory-farmed animals is a must. Ensure that if you are buying a Christmas Ham or Turkey that you are buying certified free range or organic – see our What To Buy page at Investigations into pig farms by numerous animal protection groups reveal the same unspeakable cruelties committed year after year. It’s still easy though, for many people to convince themselves [...]
Tempting tofu
If you’re anything like me you find tofu scary. It’s not because I don’t like to eat it, because I do, it’s just that despite being a vegetarian for over 25 years, I still haven’t mastered the art of cooking it properly. Tofu, which is made from soy beans, is a great meat alternative as it’s a good source of protein and calcium, it’s versatile and it’s inexpensive. So, in an effort to overcome my fear, I decided to go in search of some recipes featuring tofu and trial them, [...]
Factory farming is making us sick
As some of you may already know from our recent Facebook post, is incredibly fortunate and grateful to be the recipient of a grant from the animal protection organisation Voiceless. We will be using the money to spread our message of conscious consumption to the wider community, so we’re looking forward to a very busy and successful 2014. At the Voiceless awards ceremony, attendees were given a copy of a book called ‘Unsustainable Cruelty’ by the Australian PhotoJournalist (supported by Voiceless), which contains a collection of photos and [...]

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