Be Nourished

Nourish our body and mind with nature’s ways, for she is beautiful and awesome, providing us with boundless love and nutriments. Flourish, one must! For are we not all ancient souls on a journey looking for love, affection and awesomeness…. Reads the introduction to Nourishing Quarter’s menu. They certainly deliver what they promise as I found when I set off one winter evening with a group of reluctant, yet open minded, carnivores in tow.

Nourishing Quarter is a vegetarian restaurant in Redfern, Sydney. The menu is an interesting combination of South American and Asian cuisines.

For entrée we enjoyed a mix of rice paper rolls. There are three different types with a multitude of ingredients and interesting names, like Nourishing Rolls, Sacred Bi Rolls and Sweet Angel Wraps but the conclusion after they were devoured was all round satisfaction.

Beautiful ingredients are used in all of the dishes, for example the Sacred Bi Rolls, have marinated Crème de Tofu Strips interwoven with royal quinoa grains and sweet kumera noodles, Omega-3 chia Seeds, crispy julienne pickled carrots and Vietnamese mustard mint, and cucumber wrapped in Vietnamese rice paper, served with nuoc cham sauce…

Next up were the Pretty Dumplings, Asian dumplings filled with Royal quinoa grains, diced tofu, chopped vegetables and served alongside fresh watercress with homemade dumpling sauce. Very tasty, with wonderful Asian flavours.

Who wouldn’t try the Pho-ever More Nourished Soup, on a cold winter’s night, and my personal favourite, Amaranth and Quinoa Noodle Salad with Crispy Tofu Lingerings, though they didn’t linger long, as the carnivore consensus was that they tasted exactly like fried chicken strips.
So everyone was happy and satiated.

At Nourishing Quarter, the food is prepared and presented beautifully with a dedication to physical and spiritual health and wellbeing. Very good value, considering the top quality ingredients.
Nourishing Quarter
315 Cleveland Street, Redfern, NSW
Tel: (02)83990888
Open: Lunch Thursday – Sunday 11.30-2.30pm
Dinner Tuesday – Saturday, two sittings 6pm and 8.15pm


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