Best Veg Food Blogs Part 2

It was a while back that we did a post on our favourite vegetarian/vegan food blogs and websites (please see our previous post: so we thought it was time to do another instalment on that theme. I have a few meat-free meals on regular rotation that my kids will eat (falafels, Spanakopita, vegetarian nachos, pesto pasta, corn cakes) but I’m always looking for inspiration to add to my repertoire. Following are my current favourite vego food blogs. I hope they inspire you too!


Vegan Dad


roasted curry cauliflower

I must admit that I get a bit jealous every time I read this blog – firstly because it’s the dad in this family that does the cooking and secondly that his kids are adventurous enough in the food department to eat things such as roasted curry cauliflower and creamed kale. Good luck to him! I’m particularly fond of the Indian-inspired recipes on this site. Not sure if my kids will be willingly tucking into Tofu Makhani any time soon but I can live in hope!


Loving Earth


chocolate coconut granola

This is actually an online store for food company Loving Earth, which sells a wide array of superfoods as well as raw organic chocolate, however it also has a most impressive recipe section. If you’re eager for ideas on how to incorporate superfoods, such as coconut products, chia seeds, goji berries etc. into your diet, then this is the site for you. I’m eager to try the chocolate coconut granola and chocolate chia pudding amongst many others from the literally hundreds of delectable looking recipes on this site.


Dishing Up the Dirt


Andrea Bemis

I love this blog not just because of the delicious recipes but also because the author is just so damned cute! The blog follows her journey, shared with her hubby Tyler and their beloved pooch, as they work their organic vegetable farm in Oregon, USA. She shares her recipes that she whips up after a long day digging in the dirt, which incorporate seasonal ingredients grown on the farm.


The Nourished Kitchen


OK a quick qualification here – this website is not actually vegetarian or vegan. Instead it promotes a return to traditional cooking methods and wholesome wholefoods – which I very much agree with. The reason I’m including it here is that it provides loads of recipes for fermented vegetables and drinks which are very popular right now and for good reason. It also has loads of simple and delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes.


Edible Perspective

edible perspective

For those of you into food porn i.e. incredible food photography, this is the site for you. The recipes are accompanied by gorgeous photos that are sure to make your mouth water. Almost all of the amazing-looking recipes on this site are gluten-free. I apologise in advance if reading this blog causes you to waste countless hours staring at the photos. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to cook something from it too!


We’d love to hear from you if you have a favourite blog you’d like to share with us and as always, please consume with care!


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