dōTERRA Essential Oils
In a fast paced and hectic world we experience many stresses both large and small that can affect our health and wellbeing. We are also bombarded with a myriad of solutions that can help us, but have you ever considered essential oils as a preventative and therapeutic tool for optimum health? This week we found out about dōTERRA Oils from Donna Sennett, who shared her story and experiences with us. dōTERRA is a company who do not test their products on animals, source their products ethically and run a charitable [...]
It’s Vegetarian Awareness Month
October is Vegetarian Awareness Month so if you’ve been contemplating making the switch to a plant-based diet, or at least incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet, now is an excellent time to do just that. Plant-based eating is going mainstream with more people than ever making the switch. Why is that, we hear you ask? Well, there are a number of reasons why people may decide to cut out or at least cut down on meat and other animal products. For some it’s the inherent cruelty associated with raising [...]
Imported foods and lessons learnt from the frozen berry scare
With my background as a dietitian and passion for ethical and organic food, I thought I had a pretty high level of awareness about the food I consume and feed to my family, that was, until the recent frozen berry scare. Much to my horror, I discovered that the half eaten packet of frozen raspberries sitting in my freezer were the ones implicated in the outbreak of hepatitis A. While I would usually buy organic frozen berries, a few weeks back I had run out and grabbed a packet of [...]
The Good Egg
For many of us eggs are a staple part of our diets and can feature in practically every meal. From paleo to vegetarian, eggs are considered a great source of protein and in moderation, are a healthy addition to a well balanced diet. When I buy my eggs I like to support the biodynamic or organically certified dozen. While I’m not always loyal to one brand, I look for the certification logo on the packet. Compared to other eggs on the shelves, this option is more expensive, but I am [...]
Thumbs Up: Fish 4 Ever canned tuna
What is it? Fish 4 Ever canned tuna. Ethical Credentials Fish 4 Ever are pioneers in the sustainable tuna industry and are ranked number one by Greenpeace in their Canned Tuna Guide ( They were one of the first brands on the market in Australia to be Pole and Line Caught. This method of fishing for tuna greatly reduces bycatch and doesn’t deplete fish stocks like other fishing methods, such as fish aggregating devices, purse seine nets and long lining. Fish 4 Ever care about people too. They support [...]
Walk The Talk
This week I was invited to Brisbane to talk at an event run by a fantastic organistaion, Inspired Living Events. They screened the documentary No Impact Man. It follows the journey of a man who, in typical American style, is inspired to cut back everything in his life that has a negative impact on the environment for a year. A huge challenge since he lives in New York City! So no coffee, no take away, no food from packages, no new purchases, no electricity or elevators or transport. His long [...]

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