Q & A with Annalise Braakensiek plus recipe
The lovely Annalise Braakensiek, model, actress and passionate animal rights advocate, very kindly took some time out to chat with us about her cruelty free lifestyle. Here’s what she had to say:   Q: What does being an ethical consumer mean to you? A: Taking time to read ingredients thoroughly as there can be hidden nasties in supposed “health foods”. Supporting local, organic and sustainable farmers and products. Take shopping bags with you, and “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, to name a few. Q: When did you first become aware of the [...]
Farm animal heaven on earth
Recently I was very lucky to be in upstate New York, which is the home to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. This serene farm, located amongst rolling green hills, is a million miles away from the intense factory farms that most of the animals that live here now have come from. Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary is driven by the simple philosophy that kindness and respect for animals is our duty and that all the creatures that share this earth are here with us and not for us. Like our faithful dogs [...]
Celebrity interview: Katrina Warren
At we’ve been very fortunate to have the help and support of some amazing people. Our wonderful husbands deserve special mention for providing us with financial backing as well as their invaluable and ongoing advice and encouragement. We’ve also had the support of some lovely friends who have helped us in so many ways – proof reading, editing, technical advice, marketing and so much more. One such friend is the lovely Penne Dennison. We met Penne through a mutual friend and as soon as we told her [...]
A shout-out to our friends at Sustainable Table
At we love giving a shout-out to like-minded organisations empowering consumers to vote with their wallets to create change in the way animals are raised for food. One such organization is Sustainable Table – please check them out at Sustainable Table is, in their own words, “a young and innovative not-for-profit organisation that empowers people to use their shopping dollar to vote for a food system that is fair, humane, healthy and good for the environment.” The Sustainable Table web-site features loads of fantastic information, resources, recipes and [...]

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