Good News on the Free Range Egg Front
A carton of free range eggs these days will cost you roughly double that of a carton of caged eggs. However, when you compare the living conditions of the hens, we hope you’d agree, it’s well worth spending the extra money.      vs     The only problem is that with the lack of a legal definition of the term free range, and no one checking if the suggested guidelines (set out in the Model Code of Practice for Domestic Poultry) are actually being followed, there is [...]
5 Great Reasons to Adopt a Rescue Animal
1. It’s cheaper than buying a pet from a breeder While you still usually have to pay for a rescue pet – around $400 for a dog and $200 for a cat – to cover expenses such as vaccinations, micro-chipping and neutering/spaying, it’s far less than what you pay for a breed, which can be in the thousands of dollars.   2. It’s never been easier to find your new best friend Thanks to an amazing website called PetRescue https://www.petrescue.com it’s super easy to locate the pet that’s [...]
The following has been very kindly contributed by Patty Kikos, Kundalini yoga teacher and healer. To find out more about Patty go to:pattykikos.com/.   When people find out that I’m a yoga teacher, they often assume that I spend my day focusing on mastering the physical postures that yoga is well known for. And while this was certainly true when I started teaching 10 years ago, it’s much less of a priority for me these days. I came from a dance background, so initially, some of the more physical [...]
Sustainable Seafood by Annalise Braakensiek
Hey My Lovelies, I hope you’ve been well, eaten well, laughed hard and loved harder since my last blog. Deciding on what subject to share with you each month is somewhat of a challenge because I want to share EVERYTHING with you! I have up my sleeve many eco tips and tricks and I’m passionate about animal and human rights, cancer awareness, yoga, detoxing, all things health and of course my Love Lunch recipes – the list goes on… Good news is I have a monthly blog with Consume With [...]
Ethical Shopping Resources
While naturally we think being a conscious consumer is a good thing, unfortunately it can make the once relatively simple act of shopping a veritable nightmare. With so many issues to consider, including animal welfare, animal testing, food miles, how a company treats it workers, whether a product contains palm oil or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to name but a few, a trip to the shops can be a source of panic and confusion, especially amongst us caring types. To try to simplify things a little we thought we’d share [...]
NSW Election 2015: Vote 1 for Animals
Not sure about you but I’m feeling particularly fed up with politics at the moment. The whole thing seems to be little more than a game of strategy being played by power-hungry people who lack integrity. There is some good news on the political front, however, and that is that there is now a political party devoted solely to the cause of protecting the rights and improving the welfare of animals. And if you live in NSW you can vote for them at the upcoming election this weekend. The Animal [...]

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