The Cruel and Wasteful Practice of Shark Finning
Humans do some horrible things to animals but shark finning would have to be one of the worst. Shark finning is the practice of removing a shark’s fins, which are used to make shark fin soup, while the animal is fully conscious. As shark meat is of little value to fishermen, once the fins have been removed the shark is discarded back into the sea where it eventually drowns. Shark fin soup is a traditional dish of Chinese and Vietnamese cuisines. While it used to be very expensive and reserved [...]
Greyhound Racing: Let’s Shut it Down
Yesterday there were rallies held in several cities across Australia to protest against greyhound racing. I, along with the hubby, my daughter and our trusty pooch attended the one in Sydney.   Greyhound racing is incredibly cruel and must be stopped for the following reasons: An investigation last year by the ABC program Four Corners revealed that the practice of live baiting, where small animals such as possums, rabbits and piglets are tied to a lure and mauled to death by the [...]
Help Stop the Import of Primates for Medical Research
As we were all settling into the business of a new year, many of us were confronted by news of secret medical tests being done on primates right here in our own back yard – Sydney Morning Herald, Baboons used in ‘Frankenstein-like’ medical experiments, published January 24, 2016. Read more here.  For those of us who care about animals and take the time to speak out on their behalf, it was a sobering shock to find out that animals with highly developed cognitive abilities and complex social structures are being [...]
Cows: Not just a pretty face?
The truth is out – cows are not dumb animals after all and the following video provides proof. You can view the full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaD67sj1UfQ Or a shorter version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPDX1gZPuLg Unfortunately for me this is not great news. With all the cruelty we humans inflict upon them, I kind of wish they were the unfeeling, unthinking beings most people think they are. This week there has been fresh revelations about the mistreatment of Australian cattle exported overseas. Animals Australia has obtained video evidence of Australian cattle [...]

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