While it is not our mantra to solely endorse a vegetarian or vegan diet, we certainly want to do all we can to support those going down that path. It seems like more and more people are choosing to cut out or at least cut down their meat intake, whether for animal welfare, environmental or health reasons, but lifestyle change can be hard. We hope the following advice will help you transition to a low meat or no meat diet successfully. Replace the Nutrients Provided by Meat Probably the [...]
Why ethically-raised animal products cost more
Awareness about the poor animal welfare standards on conventional farms has grown rapidly over the past few years, however, a major barrier to buying more humanely-raised (organic and free range) animal products for most people is the increased cost.  There is no doubt about it that more humanely-raised animal products cost more, but there are good reasons for this. It is not simply a matter of organic and free range farmers charging more for their animals just because they can. The fact is that when you raise an animal with [...]
Factory farming is making us sick
As some of you may already know from our recent Facebook post, is incredibly fortunate and grateful to be the recipient of a grant from the animal protection organisation Voiceless. We will be using the money to spread our message of conscious consumption to the wider community, so we’re looking forward to a very busy and successful 2014. At the Voiceless awards ceremony, attendees were given a copy of a book called ‘Unsustainable Cruelty’ by the Australian PhotoJournalist (supported by Voiceless), which contains a collection of photos and [...]
Calcium from Plant Foods
Thanks to a very effective marketing campaign by the dairy industry, when most people think of calcium and the best way to build healthy bones, they immediately think of milk. But milk is actually only one of many sources of calcium in our diet. Calcium is also found in a wide variety of plant foods, and unlike milk, plant-based calcium sources contain vitamins C and K and the minerals potassium and magnesium, which are all important for bone health. Furthermore, calcium from plant foods (except spinach) is more easily absorbed [...]
Protein from plant foods
In keeping with our mantra that less is more when it comes to eating animal products, the topic of this blog post is how to get enough protein from plant foods. Many people believe they need to pile their plate high with meat to get enough protein but that is simply not the case. First a tiny bit of background: Proteins are made up of amino acids strung together in different sequences. There are 20 different amino acids humans need to survive, but our bodies can only make 11 of [...]

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