Last Minute Cruelty-Free Gifts
With Christmas less than 2 weeks away, there are, no doubt, a few loved ones you haven’t bought gifts for yet. No need to panic – following are our top 5 picks for cruelty-free gift ideas. 1. A Gift Pack from Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Lush has an amazing range of gift packs to choose from featuring a range of their beautiful, cruelty-free products, such as bath bombs, soaps and shower gels. Young girls especially, but anyone really, will love a gift from Lush and your purchase will be supporting [...]
Pet of the Month: Adopt a Greyhound
We strongly support the decision by the NSW Premier Mike Baird to ban greyhound racing effective July 2017. It’s hard to think of another victory quite as momentous as this one, where the rights and welfare of animals have been given priority over the profits and self-interests of humans. As expected, there has already been a massive backlash against the decision by those in the greyhound industry, and while we do feel for those whose livelihoods are at stake, an independent inquiry has found the industry as a whole to [...]
Thumbs Up: Botanical Cuisine
What is it? Botanical Cuisine is a small, Melbourne-based food company that produces a range of certified organic, raw, vegan products, such as pesto, aioli, cashew cheese (in several different flavours) and cashew dips. Ethical credentials All Botanical Cuisine products are certified organic and vegan. All products are also free from gluten, cane sugar, soy and preservatives. How does it taste? I came across the range while doing some research on dairy-free cheeses. I’ve toyed with the idea of going dairy-free for quite [...]
Thumbs Up: Per Tutti Pasta
As conscious, kind beings trying to do the right thing we all know to buy free range eggs but unfortunately many of the prepared foods we buy are still using eggs produced by hens kept in cages. That is why we were thrilled to come across this truly amazing pasta that only uses free range eggs in all of their products. What is it? The Per Tutti fresh pasta range (made by Alligator Brand) includes several different varieties of ravioli, including black truffle, pumpkin and parmesan and spinach and ricotta, [...]
Thumbs Up: Soul Burger
What is it? If you love a good burger but also love real, wholesome food made by people who actually give a damn, then you’ve got to get to Soul Burger. Their’s is a burger joint with a difference, offering what they call a flexitarian menu, that is, both vegetarian and meat-based options, where the animal products are sourced from farmers who treat their animals humanely. According to the good folk at Soul Burger, our food system is broke (agreed!) and they intend to be part of the solution. <a [...]
Thumbs Up: Earth Choice Cleaning Products
I wish I had the time and energy to make my own cleaning products but the fact of the matter is I don’t. I buy a range of different ‘eco’ products, depending on where I’m doing my shopping, and I have often wondered if the stuff available at the supermarkets is the real deal. I decided to investigate. What is it? Earth Choice household cleaning products. They have an extensive range to cover pretty much all of your cleaning needs. Ethical Credentials Earth Choice is owned by parent company Natures [...]

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