Pharrell Willams and G-Star Raw for the Oceans
The incredible Pharrel Williams gives us another reason to be happy, by partnering with G-Star Raw Denim to create Raw for the Oceans. Plastic is retrieved from the oceans, shredded and created into fibres and spun into a range of denims and cool couture. This season’s collection has items for both men and women, such as distressed jeans, denim jackets, hoodies, coats, T-shirts and tank tops. The company tested the waters, pardon the pun, last year with it’s first collection and calculates that the equivalent of 2 million plastic [...]
3 of Our Favourite Non-Leather Shoe Brands
Back in the day when I stopped buying leather shoes (about 7 years ago) it was pretty slim pickings when it came to non-leather alternatives. I pretty much stuck to wearing a multitude of different coloured Haviannas in the summer and Converse sneakers in the colder months. Thankfully these days there are so many more options and with most companies shipping worldwide there are now loads of choices when it comes to non-leather shoes. Following are three of our favourites:   Etiko Etiko is an Australian [...]
Cruelty Free Fashion
Anyone in their right mind knows that wearing fur is a complete and utter, without a doubt, definite, unquestionable no-no, but what about other fabrics and materials that our clothes are made from? Unfortunately fur is not the only material that causes suffering to animals and while at Consume with Care we try our very best to focus on the positive, we feel that it’s important to shed light on this issue. Liz Jones, columnist for the UK-based Daily Mail, has written a great piece on the impact of our [...]
Thumbs Up: Matt & Nat Handbags
  While I’m not vegan, I choose not to wear leather so I was absolutely thrilled to come across this brand of non-leather bags and wallets. In the past I’ve been quite content to wear boho-style fabric bags but as I’m maturing (in years anyway!), I’ve been looking for something a little more sophisticated. Matt & Nat definitely fits the bill!   What is it? Matt & Nat – short for Mat(t)erial and Nature – is a brand of luxe, non-leather women’s and men’s bags, wallets and accessories.   Ethical [...]

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