Celebrity interview: Katrina Warren

At we’ve been very fortunate to have the help and support of some amazing people. Our wonderful husbands deserve special mention for providing us with financial backing as well as their invaluable and ongoing advice and encouragement. We’ve also had the support of some lovely friends who have helped us in so many ways – proof reading, editing, technical advice, marketing and so much more.

One such friend is the lovely Penne Dennison. We met Penne through a mutual friend and as soon as we told her about she was super keen to get on board. Penne has been working in the Australian TV industry for the last 15 years and has also been a regular on radio and a writer for a variety of publications. Given her vast media experience and her love of animals, she has very kindly agreed to lend a hand by contributing to our blog. As her first assignment she conducted an interview with her bestie, the celebrity vet and passionate animal advocate Dr Katrina Warren.

Here’s what Katrina had to say about ethical eating:

Penne: What does being an ethical eater mean to you?

Katrina: Being mindful of the choices we make when we eat animal products. To me it is about the humane treatment of animals and respecting all living beings.

Penne: When did you first become aware of the impacts of factory farming and what inspired this?

Katrina: When I was studying veterinary science, I spent time on factory farms and was horrified by the conditions that the animals were kept in. If more people personally witnessed the horrendous life these animals live, they would choose not to consume them. Factory farmed animals have no quality of life – they live a life of torture, unable to exhibit their natural behaviours.

Penne: What do you expect from animal products you buy which are labeled free range?

Katrina: I would like them not to mislead the public. People often think that free range means the animals live their life on rolling green hills and lush pastures but this is often not the case.

Penne: What are your favourite free range or organic products?

Katrina: I buy organic free range eggs and occasional organic meat products for my daughter. I am a vegetarian and will allow my daughter to make her own choices about meat consumption when she is older.

Penne: How do you inspire others to eat ethically?

Katrina: It’s tricky because so many people just do not want to know where the food on their table actually comes from. I am teaching my daughter that all animals are important and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. I try to support media campaigns that create awareness of the horrors if factory farming and always encourage people to buy organic meat and poultry, even if it is a little more expensive.

Penne: What is your favourite animal and why?

Katrina: I can’t go past a border collie. Once you have shared your life with one, they steal your heart. The are smart, fun and brilliant company.

Thank you so much to both Penne and Katrina for taking the time to contribute to our blog!



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