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In a fast paced and hectic world we experience many stresses both large and small that can affect our health and wellbeing. We are also bombarded with a myriad of solutions that can help us, but have you ever considered essential oils as a preventative and therapeutic tool for optimum health? This week we found out about dōTERRA Oils from Donna Sennett, who shared her story and experiences with us.

dōTERRA is a company who do not test their products on animals, source their products ethically and run a charitable foundation that helps people in many countries around the world. This is Donna’s story:

My first encounter with dōTERRA essential oils was via my integrative GP who, after 2 rounds of antibiotics for chronic sinus pain, gave me the ends of her bottle of “Breathe” (also called “Easy Air” in Australia). It’s a Respiratory Support Blend of incredible oils that gave me the relief I desperately needed from the ‘punched in the face’ intense feeling of pain. It helped me disperse what was causing my system to be over-run by and helped my body to heal itself. I then discovered the rest of the range that has empowered me to naturally take control of my, and my young family’s, health and wellbeing and I was converted! I use these oils daily for my young kids aged 7 and 3 years and for my hubby and I. They have boosted our immunity, cellular health, moods, supported our systems, including digestive, respiratory issues, aches and pains, sleep, sleep, sleep, the list goes. Oh did I mention sleep?? That stuff is golden for bodily repair!

I am often asked “Why should I choose dōTERRA over other oils?” I could easily highlight the purity of our oils, our above industry standards testing, that we source directly from the growers (where the plants were meant to be grown, indigenously from around the world) or other impressive statistics All of those things set us apart from every competitor. However, those things should be expected, right? Every company should have an obligation to produce what they market themselves to be. dōTERRA does that but they go far beyond what is expected of them. This company has the largest heart and purest intentions of any oil company out there.

As an example, this year at the American dōTERRA Convention, dōTERRA shared with us a blend called HOPE. This blend will likely never be sold to the public, because that’s not why it was developed. It was developed to provide hope. Hope to children at risk and dealing with nightmares far beyond our understanding. dōTERRA has partnered with Operation Underground Railroad (OUR). They are a non-profit organisation that rescues children from sex trafficking. Not only does Hope smell like its namesake, it has a peel-back label that provides numbers and information for whom to call if they need help. This autumn in America, 10,000 bottles of HOPE will be distributed to at risk kids through the aid of OUR. dōTERRA also gave US$500,000 to OUR as part of their Healing Hands philanthropic program

I started using dōTERRA for their oils, but it’s their heart that inspires me to share. I now educate others about the incredible uses and effects, the how-to’s etc. of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils with small classes at my home or others’ homes and businesses. Lots of my family and friends in the wellness industry have loved the oils so much they too have begun sharing their experiences with others and have joined my growing team of oil enthusiasts and educators. And again, dōTERRA encourages their philanthropic component to carry through even in their distributors, who are encouraged to tithe their commissions to a charity of their choice. My main chosen charities are Voiceless Australia, as well as to struggling families who need financial help to support their healing journeys.

My next “Introduction to Essential Oils” class will be held in Bondi on Fri 28th October at 10:30am. Please contact me through my website for further details. I will also be adding DIY essential oil workshops in the near future, including Creating Chemical-free Home Cleaning Products, DIY Deodorants and Perfume Roller Blends and fun things for kids like DIY essential oil play dough. You can shop online directly, but feel free to contact me first for a wellness consult to find out which essential oils will address your needs and to set you up for wholesale prices!



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