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While naturally we think being a conscious consumer is a good thing, unfortunately it can make the once relatively simple act of shopping a veritable nightmare. With so many issues to consider, including animal welfare, animal testing, food miles, how a company treats it workers, whether a product contains palm oil or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to name but a few, a trip to the shops can be a source of panic and confusion, especially amongst us caring types.

To try to simplify things a little we thought we’d share with you our favourite resources that we hope will help you make the right decisions when you shop, while making shopping less stressful.


The Flavour Crusader’s Produce Directories

Sharon Lee is passionate about connecting consumers with small-scale farmers with a focus on ethically, sustainably and locally produced food. With the help of her army of committed volunteers, she has created a series of product directories for farmhouse milk (real milk from small dairies), pastured eggs, free range pork, chicken and turkey, organic garlic, and fruit and vegetables. You can search for products by State and read a small blurb about the farmer and their farming practices here: http://flavourcrusader.com/blog/resources/.

The Good Fish Book: A Tasty Guide to Sustainable Seafood

Aussies love their seafood but with fish stocks in decline and many species on the brink of extinction we must make changes to our consumption habits if we want to reverse the problem. The good folk at the Sustainable Table, who have authored The Good Fish Book, claim that we can continue to enjoy seafood for generations to come if we all adopt a few simple changes. These are:

  1. Diversify our choice
  2. Support sustainably-fished Australian seafood
  3. Eat lower on the food chain
  4. Make meat a treat… yes, that includes seafood.

Their new ebook details how you can put these 4 simple steps into practice and also contains 22 delectable seafood and vegetarian recipes. You can download it here: http://sustainabletable.org.au/Product/tabid/59/0/511044/The-Good-Fish-Book for $15. All funds raised will help the Sustainable Table to continue their important work.

The Buycott App

This App allows you to vote with your wallet to support companies who share your ethos while avoiding companies who don’t. To get started you are asked to select from a range of campaigns that are important to you, such as factory farming, GMOs and workers’ rights. Then you scan the barcode of a product to determine the parent company and whether or not that company’s values are in line with the campaigns you have selected. For those aspiring activists you can even start up your own campaign! The Buycott App can be downloaded from the App store for free.

The Vegman App

Whether you’re a full-time vegetarian or choose not to eat meat when eating out due to religious or ethical reasons, you are no doubt, like us, sick to death of having only limited options (usually some bland pasta dish or risotto) at many restaurants. Enter the Vegman App, which lists vegetarian, vegan and veg friendly restaurants worldwide. You can download the App from the App Store for free. Once downloaded, just type in a location to find suitable restaurants in your area.

Palm Oil Investigations Palm Oil Scanner App

We’ve mentioned this App in a previous post and while it’s planned release was postponed, we are pleased to report that it is now available for downloading from the App Store. It allows you to scan a product’s barcode to determine if it contains palm oil and if so, it’s certification status. It’s free but if you feel so inclined you can make a small donation to help Palm Oil investigations cover the costs associated with developing the App.


We hope you find the above resources useful. If you know of any others that help make ethical shopping easier we’d love to hear from you and as always, please remember to consume with care!





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