Ethically Achieving the 2015 Beauty Trends by Toni Heague

Keeping abreast of the latest beauty trends and then mastering the techniques to achieve them is a skill in itself. So how do you then do this, in addition to ensuring you use ethical brands in the process? The answer lies with many inspiring Australian beauty businesses, which hold firm to strong ethical values without compromising on product quality and effectiveness.

Here is our guide to ethically achieving the standout makeup trends spotted on the Spring 2015 runways.

  1. Baby Soft Nail Polishes

After seasons of bold nail art, there is a return to barely-there nail polish, from soft, pale pink to chic nude. This type of manicure looks clean and well-groomed, in addition to being incredibly versatile. To conquer this style, try Kester Black Buttercream (RRP $20) or Kester Black Blush (RRP $20). File your nails into a shape that mimics that of your cuticles to compliment this natural look.

  1. Air-dried Textured Hair

This trend is a blessing for those that are time-poor, when blow-drying your hair day in and day out is simply not an option. O&M Surf Bomb Sea Salt Spray (RRP $24.95) is the answer to this trend. Sprayed onto the ends of just-washed hair and tousled whilst drying, it adds a rough, gritty texture. It can also be spritzed into damp hair and left to dry naturally.

  1. Flame Red Lips

A flame red lip is not breaking news, but this season it is paired with minimal make-up on the rest of the face. For that burst of high-pigment, long-lasting colour, try Shanghai Suzy Miss Mia Foxy Hibiscus (RRP $12.95).

  1. Barely-There Foundation

This natural beauty trend relies on expert application to achieve that seemingly effortless, yet polished look. They key – less is always more. Start by tackling trouble spots, like blemishes or pigmentation around the nose and chin, with a concealer. Once that has settled, apply a foundation that provides a flawless total coverage without the need for heavy layers, like Adorn Hydrating Cream Compact Foundation (RRP $65).

  1. Nude Eyes

Usually nudes are for the brow bone or to use as a base for other eye shadows to create depth to your eyes. This season taupes and nudes are sweeping the whole eye, creating depth but also a clean, fresh look. Ere Perez Creative Camomile Eye Duo Without Clothes (RRP $27.95), in dark beige matte & peach shimmer, will create this look perfectly. The darker colour can also be applied to the brows to fill in sparse spots and add subtle definition.

Mastering these trends will get easier the more often you do it. So have fun with it!


Toni Heague, Founder and Director of Eva & Violet Cruelty Free Beauty


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