Finding Sanctuary Part 2

This is part two in our instalment about animal sanctuaries for rescued and abandoned animals in Australia and the wonderful work they do. I didn’t mention in our previous post that these sanctuaries don’t receive government funding and rely on donations from the public to cover their considerable running costs. If you’re able to help out with a financial contribution, please visit their individual websites.


The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary

rabbit   Kim Cooney  rabbit 2

They’re adorable and gentle, but unfortunately rabbits suffer terribly at the hands of humans. It is therefore wonderful news that Kim Cooney and her husband Jim have established The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary in Northern New South Wales, which is home to around 100 abandoned pet and ex-laboratory rabbits.

Kim takes rescued rabbits from all over Australia, which she rehomes both locally and interstate to suitable families. The sanctuary relies on community support with the wonderful vets at Riverbank Animal Hospital in South Grafton providing free veterinary assistance and local veggie famer Joe, who shares Kim’s passion for rabbits, helping out with their food.

As well as caring for abandoned rabbits, Kim aims to raise the profile of rabbits as fantastic companion animals. In doing so she hopes to prevent rabbits from being neglected and abandoned by those who buy them on impulse and she also hopes to stop the growth of the rabbit meat industry.

If you are interested in providing a permanent and loving home for one of the inhabitants of the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary or would like to become a foster carer, please visit


A Poultry Place

Geese  Bede Carmody  Roosters

A Poultry Place is a sanctuary which offers a safe, permanent home to rescued and unwanted domesticated poultry (roosters, chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese). It was founded by Bede Carmody who believes poultry are the most exploited group of animals in today’s society, with more than half a billion raised for food in Australia alone.

Bede gave an inspiring talk at TEDx Canberra where he discusses the animal welfare issues associated with the egg and chicken meat industries and what inspired him to set up a Poultry Place (you can view it here: He also explains how after sharing his life with chickens, ducks and turkeys for the past 15 years, he no longer views them as dinner but as social and intelligent creatures with distinct personalities. He hopes that as more people realise this, the cruelty inflicted upon them will become less acceptable.

A Poultry Place is located in Southern New South Wales.


Peanuts Funny Farm

Peanuts horse    Peanuts Funny Farm   Peanuts Farm cow

Peanuts Funny Farm is a sanctuary for human and non-human animals alike. The founders, Tracey and Lance Savage, believe strongly in the link between the way in which a society treats animals and problems such as criminal behavior and family dysfunction. Their mission is to bring as many disadvantaged, neglected and abused children and animals together as possible and provide care and rehabilitation for both. They run programs and camps, which they hope will prevent animal cruelty and human violence by promoting kindness and compassion towards all beings.

Peanuts Funny Farm, in Windellama two hours drive from Sydney, also provides overnight bed and breakfast packages, complete with home-cooked vegan meals, for those wishing to meet and spend some quality time with the animals. To book or to find out more about the sanctuary, please visit the website.


There are many other amazing sanctuaries out there providing safe haven for neglected and unwanted animals. Our apologies for not being able to mention them all.




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