Greyhound Racing: Let’s Shut it Down

Yesterday there were rallies held in several cities across Australia to protest against greyhound racing. I, along with the hubby, my daughter and our trusty pooch attended the one in Sydney.




Greyhound racing is incredibly cruel and must be stopped for the following reasons:

  1. An investigation last year by the ABC program Four Corners revealed that the practice of live baiting, where small animals such as possums, rabbits and piglets are tied to a lure and mauled to death by the dogs, is used in training.
  2. Nearly 20,000 greyhounds are bred for racing in Australia every year and an estimated 94% of these, deemed not suitable for racing, are killed, often inhumanely.
  3. Even those that race successfully have a poor quality of life, confined to small, barren kennels for most of the day without stimulation or companionship. The average lifespan of a racing dog is just three and a half years.
  4. Australia exports hundreds of greyhounds to Asia, including Macau, each year where one can only imagne the conditions the animals must endure. Around 30 dogs are killed at the Macau Canidrome every month once injured or for failing to win races and only six greyhounds have ever left there alive.
  5. Australia is one of only eight countries in the world with a commercial greyhound racing industry. In the USA, greyhound racing is now illegal in 39 states.


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It was a great day and amazing to be surrounded by around 300 like-minded, animal-loving folk happy to give up a few hours of their Sunday for a very worthy cause.

If you would like to help put a stop to this cruel industry, please sign one of the following petitions:






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