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Hey my Lovelies,

As it’s Meat Free Week this week – a fantastic initiative helping to inspire and inform people to eat less, care more and feel good as well as saving our beautiful animals and the environment (please check out for more info) – I thought it only appropriate to share with you all one of my most popular vegetarian Love Lunch dishes for this month’s blog.

Those who know me well know I’m committed to a green lifestyle, I love to eat and live sustainably, I’m a passionate animal rights activist and even more passionate meat free cook. OK I confess, I guess I border on being absolutely and utterly food obsessed! I do not eat dairy and wheat, due to being severely allergic to both, and I choose not to eat meat, which has certainly led me down the path of being an extremely creative cook! I love nothing than more than after an organic market haul, returning home to spend the day cooking, creating and experimenting with new recipes and immersing myself in vegetarian seasonal goodness! I consider cooking edible art. And do I love me some art  ; )

And those who know me well also know my allergies and choice to not eat meat led me to start my own meat free organic catering company called Love Lunch (which is currently on hold due to me needing to clone myself in order to keep up with all else I’m committed to, but it will be back soon I’m VERY happy to say and you my consume with carers will be the first to know). I really miss cooking for my loyal and like minded Love Lunch customers so this month I’d like to share with you my Asian Vermicelli salad – a super easy, delicious and healthy dish. It’s one of the very first recipes I created and is still one of my favorites today. It’s great as a meal on its own, (yes I do make friends with salad) or perfect as a side dish to almost any Asian main. Remember always feel free to mix up my suggested veggies with what’s available from your garden or local grower.

I definitely encourage you all to take that extra step, go meat free, and make a difference to our planet, animals and yourself!

I hope you enjoy my recipe and I’m looking forward to hearing from those of you who try it and to getting to know you all in the months to come via this blog.

Sending so much love, mindfulness and positive energy to you all till next month.

Eat well, be well and do good my Lovelies!

Annalise xxxx


Asian Vermicelli Salad with Spicy Tofu and Steamed Asian Greens

Serves 4-6

I like to use organic or biodynamic produce and non GMO tofu



1 packet bean vermicelli noodles (or konyaku noodles if you’re low carbing)

6 Asian corn, sliced in half lengthways

quarter bunch gailan

quarter bunch choy sum

quarter bunch bok choy

1 bag bean sprouts,

1 carrot, peeled and julienned

½ cup coriander, plucked

¼ cup Asian basil, plucked

¼ cup Asian mint, plucked

1 large red chilli de-seeded, julienned

1 bag non GMO tofu pockets

Jimmy’s Sate sauce and a splash of tamari to marinate tofu

Coriander leaves, lime cheeks, fried shallots and roasted black or white sesame seeds and a smile to serve!


For dressing:

½ tsp ginger, minced

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 tablespoon sesame oil

1 tablespoon mirin

½ teaspoon white pepper

1 tablespoon rice wine vinegar

3 tablespoons black plum vinegar (or red)

Splash of tamari to taste

140 grams water chestnuts, finely sliced


How to:

Blanch noodles (or rinse konyaku very well and drain), rinse in cold water, drain and set aside.

For the dressing crush ginger and garlic and add sesame oil, mirin, white pepper, vinegars and tamari in a large mixing bowl and stir well. Add water chestnuts and set aside.

Cut tofu pockets in half on the diagonal (to make triangles), mix up some satay sauce, tamari and a sprinkle of white pepper, stir tofu through well to coat evenly then dry fry on medium high till crisp in a wok, stirring very frequently so as not to catch.

Steam corn and Asian greens (be sure greens are not boiled or over cooked…al dente crunch is imperative, add corn in first as it takes longer to steam).


To serve:

In a large bowl combine noodles, corn, greens, bean sprouts, carrot, herbs and chilli and stir well. Add spicy marinated tofu last. Mix well.

Plate up either on a platter lined with banana leaf or in individial serving bowls as my photo depicts. Serve with fresh coriander sprigs, a few lime cheeks and an optional sprinkle of fried shallots and roasted black and/or white sesame seeds. And lots of LOVE of course ; )




























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