Help Stop the Import of Primates for Medical Research

As we were all settling into the business of a new year, many of us were confronted by news of secret medical tests being done on primates right here in our own back yard – Sydney Morning Herald, Baboons used in ‘Frankenstein-like’ medical experiments, published January 24, 2016. Read more here

For those of us who care about animals and take the time to speak out on their behalf, it was a sobering shock to find out that animals with highly developed cognitive abilities and complex social structures are being used in cruel experiments, doomed to spend their entire lives in cages in laboratories. What’s worse is that we the taxpayers are footing the enormous bills of such experiments, despite their relevance to human health being questionable.

There is currently a Senate inquiry taking place into the importation of primates into Australia for medical research. Following this a private member’s bill banning the practice of importing primates will be put before the Parliament by Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon.

We hope that you will join us in speaking out against this cruelty by signing this petition.

For more information on animal testing in Australia go to Ban Primate Experiments.


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