Kid-friendly vegetarian recipes

“What’s for dinner?” Are these possibly the three most dreaded words for any mum of young kids? I personally have found it incredibly frustrating coming up with meals that are simple to cook, healthy and acceptable to my three young rug rats.  Add a vegetarian child into the mix and dinner times can be quite frankly hellish. So that I’m not always having to cook two separate meals, I’ve been trying to feed the whole family a vegetarian meal a few times a week. Following is a few of my go-to vegetarian meals that are easy to prepare, delicious and, most importantly, my kids are happy to eat.

Corn Cakes

bill granger_sweetcorn-fritters-with-avocado salsa 


My kids love them served with some natural yoghurt (much healthier but just as yummy as sour cream) and sweet chili sauce. I use Bill Granger’s recipe which you will find here:


Spinach and Feta Pie

spinach pie 


For those with children who don’t have a phobia to vegetables you can even add in things like mushrooms and/or grated carrot to make it extra healthy. There are a million recipes for spinach pie on the net but I follow this one:


Vegetarian Nachos




I’ll admit this is not everyone’s idea of a healthy meal but I use good quality organic corn chips, natural yoghurt instead of sour cream and I serve it with a platter of cut up vegetables.  You can find a simple and tasty recipe for the beans here:

Omit the chili if your kids don’t like it.

A few of my other favourite vegetarian meals that my kids like are:

Falafels – I buy the falafels and pita breads fresh from an middle-eastern restaurant and then make my own chopped salad of tomatoes, red capsicum, cucumbers, salt olive oil and lots of lemon juice. Serve with your choice of dips and pickled cucumbers.

The big salad – Use any vegetables your kids will eat – lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber, capsicum, celery etc.. A really good salad dressing is key here – I make a vinagarette of 2 parts extra virgin olive oil, one part fresh lemon juice or balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper. I then put little bowls containing, olives, boiled eggs, feta cheese etc. on the table and everyone can add their own extras.

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