Meat Free Week: Are you up for the challenge?

We believe that in life it’s important to shake things up from time to time and push the boundaries, which is why we’re very excited about an upcoming event called Meat Free Week. The idea behind it is to go without eating meat for a week, while at the same time raising money for some very worthwhile causes.

Meat Free Week aims to raise awareness about how much meat Australians eat (3 times the world average and double the amount recommended by the Australian Dietary Guidelines) and the impact eating too much has on our health, the environment and animal welfare. The goal is not to convert people to vegetarianism but to encourage us to eat less and buy better, that is, quality over quantity.

It is the brainchild of 2 fantastic gals Lainie Bracher and Melissa Dixon. Now in it’s second year, they are going from strength to strength with the help of a band of dedicated volunteers and the support of a number of well known chefs and media personalities who are helping to raise awareness about the event.

Meat Free Week 2014 runs from the 24th – 30th March. Head on over to their website ( for all the info you need on how to sign up and get involved. Once there you’ll also find loads of delicious meat-free recipes to help you get through the week.

The money raised by Meat Free Week goes to Bowel Cancer Australia, the Australian Conservation Foundation and Voiceless, the animal protection institute. Lainie and Melissa believe that the fund raising aspect of their campaign not only allows these charities to continue their valuable work, but also gives you the opportunity to talk to people about what you’re doing and why. This, they say, is one of the most powerful ways you can help create change.

Much to my surprise, after hearing about Meat Free Week my husband, a staunch carnivore, has volunteered to sign up for the challenge. I’m really proud that he’s willing to try something different, even if it is just for one week. I don’t know if it will have an long-term impact on the amount of meat he eats but I do hope it will make him realise that it is possible to survive with less meat while still eating well. Are you up for the challenge too?


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