My Favourite Cruelty-Free Pregnancy Beauty Products by Liv Lundelius

There is often a lot of confusion and misinformation about which cosmetics are safe to use during pregnancy and in the end it always comes down to checking with your doctor or midwife and what you feel comfortable with.

I had already only been using clean, green, toxin-free beauty products before I was pregnant, so I was able to continue using most of them. However, some natural products contain essential oils which aren’t recommended during pregnancy, so I did have to replace a few. Usually concentrations of essential oils in body care products aren’t high enough to cause any trouble, so there is no need to worry. Often with the heightened sense of smell it’s nicer to use products that aren’t strongly fragranced, but if you are up for it, there are plenty of safe yummy smelling choices too.

My skin and hair have also changed and become drier, so I was in need for some special products to make up for the adjustment.


This can be really tricky. Most conventional products are based on aluminium and loaded with other questionable ingredients. Many natural alternatives aren’t as powerful and the ones that do work well often contain high concentrations of essential oils.

My favourite is the Fresca Natural Deodorant. They have a wide range of scents but amazingly they have one called “Citrus Fresh” which is officially safe to use during pregnancy. It keeps me stink free even on long, warm days and when I exercise.

Body Wash:

Weleda Almond Sensitive Skin is a great hydrating one. Now in my second trimester I also really love the Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash.

Skin Juice does have a special Mummy’s Tummy Body Wash which is extra gentle and moisturising. Generally anything creamy and rich without heavy scents has worked best for me. My usual shower gels, although all pure and natural, were too drying.

Body Moisturizer:

My skin has become very dry all over the and the natural moisturizers, such as organic shea butter, organic rosehip oil, organic coconut oil and Lavera Basis Sensitive Range All-Round Cream have helped me the most. I use them on my feet, legs, arms and all over. I also use the stretch-mark specific oils on my tummy, breasts and thighs.

Tummy/Stretch mark oil:

Divine Mum’s Tummy & Body Oil comes in a beautiful bottle, has a luxurious feel and a very pleasant and super subtle scent. I was able to tolerate this even when I had morning sickness. This gem can be used by mum’s and babies of all ages including newborns. It’s very hydrating yet absorbs the fastest from all the oils I have tried, which makes the use even more practical. The bottle comes with a pump, which makes my life so much easier – no mess or oil spills here. It’s a real favourite, yet the most expensive out of my selection.

DnA Elements Mama Belly Oil has a light citrus scent and is very rich, which makes it great for massage and the evening, however it takes a little longer to be fully absorbed. The bottle is sleek and beautiful, yet it has a big opening which makes the dosage a little tricky.

Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil exudes wellness & relaxation! The scent is very soothing and beautiful to me. It absorbs into the skin beautifully and is a really great choice for a pampering body treatment. It can be used before, during and after pregnancy and has been developed with midwifes and doctors. I really enjoy using this one and enjoy the scent now in my second trimester. I think it will remain a favourite for my belly and breasts after birth as well. If you are particularly sensitive to scents in the beginning of your pregnancy simply wait a few weeks.


I am more sensitive to scents and prefer all products to have only a subtle smell. I won’t use any synthetic fragrance, but if you must make sure it is Phthalate free.

Vanessa Megan has developed an all natural special pregnancy perfume called Garden Wonderland, which has a lower concentration of essential oils than her usual scents and is also supposed to help with morning sickness.


I haven’t painted my fingernails and just buff them for extra shine and keep the nails and cuticles nicely hydrated. Weleda has a great nail care pen for on the go.

On my toenails, I use toxin-free polish from Sienna Byron BayKester Black or Pacifica and Sienna’s soy based remover. Definitely look out for ‘5 free’ or ‘7 free’ polishes and make sure there is no toluene in the polish you are using.

Skin Care:

I usually use the Edible Beauty range and it has served me well so far in this pregnancy. As my skin has become drier I have really loved using the Snowflower Oil. As a tip, if your skin becomes extra sensitive or is prone to eczema, try Zk’in Relief Moisturizer. It heals any irritations in no time.

As this is my first pregnancy I’ve had to do a lot research, but for a beauty nerd like myself that’s kind of fun. I hope this was helpful to you. If you have any favourite cruelty-free pregnancy products, please share in the comments or get in touch via my blog Liv Life Mag. I would love to hear from you!


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