My husband survived Meat Free Week!

As most of you would know, last week was Meat Free Week (MFW) and as I had mentioned in a previous post, my staunchly carnivorous husband volunteered to take part (no bribery necessary – I swear!). I am glad to report that not only did he survive the week, he actually found forgoing the flesh quite easy. As added and unexpected bonuses he lost a kilo and, in my eyes anyway, became even more handsome!

But seriously, the only part he did find difficult was finding suitable vegetarian options at lunch time. His office is in a shopping centre where the food court abounds with cheap and nasty fast food options, so his choices were somewhat limited. He did manage to find a Greek salad, spinach and cheese Gosleme, a falafel roll, vegetarian pizza and a cheese and salad roll to get him through the week. From a nutritional point of view, what’s missing from these options is good quality vegetarian protein but I did try to make up for it by serving up more balanced meals at dinner time. For a bit of added protein he did have eggs for breakfast a few times during the week.

At dinner time I did make an extra effort to make some delectable vegetarian meals with the hope of proving to him that you can eat delicious, satisfying food without eating meat. While my kids didn’t take part in MFW, I did try to cook meals that the whole family could eat (sometimes throwing in an organic sausage or chicken leg on the side) which did limit my options somewhat. Nonetheless I was able to come up with a menu that, for the most part, pleased everyone.

It was my intention to share the photos of my efforts with you in this blog but I soon discovered that while I can cook, I am no photographer. So, below I’ve listed our menu for the week but please note I have ‘borrowed’ the photos from the internet.

Our menu for Meat Free Week:

Monday: Corn cakes with avocado salsa

bill granger_sweetcorn-fritters-with-avocado salsa

I used Bill Granger’s recipe which you’ll find here:

Tuesday: Shakshuka


I used Yotam Ottolenghi’s recipe which you’ll find here:

Wednesday: Spinach and ricotta cannelloni

spinach and ricotta cannelloni

I used this recipe:

Thursday: South Indian vegetable and chick pea curry


I used this recipe:

Friday: Falafels with pita bread, salad and dips


I buy the falafels and pita breads fresh from a middle-eastern restaurant and then make my own chopped salad of tomatoes, red capsicum, cucumbers, salt, olive oil and lots of lemon juice. Serve with your choice of dips and pickled cucumbers.

Overall, for both my hubby and the MFW folk, I can pretty confidently declare the week a success. The final numbers are yet to be tallied but I have been informed that so far registrations for MFW were up by 20% and donations up by 10% compared with last year.

While I never expected that taking part in MFW would make my hubby turn vegetarian, he did declare on Monday night, while chowing down on a juicy organic steak, that he is going to attempt to cut down on his meat intake. In my eyes he’s becoming more handsome by the minute!


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