Nose To Tail

There is a lot to be said for nose to tail eating, that is, making use of all the parts of the animal and wasting as little as possible. After taking an animal’s life for food, the least we can do is use all of it.

We have become a generation of consumers who buy choice cuts and create a lot of waste when it comes to eating animals. In the modern Anglo-Saxon world, most offal (the “off-fall” from a carcass) goes into pet food, but once upon a time we had more of a taste for all parts of the animal.

All over the world many cultures still celebrate and eat all the bits.  Parts like calves’ feet, pigs’ tongues, cooked nose, trotters, tails and tripe are delicacies to some. Lately the amateur cook has been encouraged to forage among the further reaches of the carcass. But do we have the guts to eat balls? And which other odd cuts of meat might suit themselves to home cooking?

Luckily we don’t have to take care of the dissecting of the animal carcass. Sydney butcher G.R.U.B. is taking care of this for us with their ‘Cow Share’, ‘Pig Share’ and ‘Lamb Share’ program. The program is designed around a community approach to consuming an entire animal – from nose to tail. It is an attempt to replicate the age-old practice where an animal was slaughtered to be shared among the community.

All meat is 100% grass fed and finished, and has a top level of traceability from pasture to plate. By going into a ‘Cow, Pig or Lamb Share’ with 8 others you can get a lot of bang for your buck. You’ll receive your share of prime cuts, mince, sausages and other parts, including bones and fat, all at a wholesale price. That’s around 20-30kg of meat which, when frozen, can last a few months. See grub.com.au for more details.

Why not challenge yourself to eat more consciously and create less waste by using all parts of the animal.



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