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This month we’d like to bring your attention to an amazing animal rescue group called Paws for Thought (PFT) run by a husband and wife team in Sydney. Paws for Thought is unique in that it focuses on the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of dogs with special needs, or as they are affectionately referred to by PFT founders, the Crusties and Wobblies.

Most PFT dogs arrive in care with a range of medical issues. While in care, any acute medical issues are resolved while treatment plans for any ongoing problems are identified and implemented. As you can imagne, it takes a very special kind of family to adopt a special needs dog so adoptive parents are very carefully selected to ensure they are fully committed to the dog’s ongoing care and well-being.

Our pet of the month is the adorable Crouton. If you think you’ve got space in your heart to care for this old lady in her twilight years you can enquire about her here.

This is Crouton’s profile:


Crouton came into care at PFT on 16 December. She is a 3.2 kg chihuahua.

She has now been desexed, has had two lots of mammary tumours removed and two hernias repaired, has had dental extractions, blood tests, and ears medicated. All samples and x-rays conducted showed no sign of cancer.

She’s old and wobbly. Sometimes she has small ‘accidents’ inside. Her head is too big for her body and sometimes sight is challenging if you rush up towards her. Her ears will need ongoing care and maintenance. She’s absolutely teeny tiny, scampers along at quite a pace, adores the doggie pram, doesn’t make any sound and ADORES her humans.

Crouton is currently in care at PFT in Sydney and is now looking for her forever home.

Adoption enquiries through email only:


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