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Rabbits would have to be among the cutest creatures on earth, with their adorable floppy ears, soft fur and sweet natures, however they often get treated very cruelly by us humans. We experiment on them, test our cosmetics on them and farm them for their meat and fur.

The kind people at Freedom for Farmed Rabbits (FFR) are trying to improve the lot of rabbits by raising awareness about their plight, especially those that are factory farmed. They investigate and bear witness to the conditions on these farms, where rabbits are confined in cramped, barren, filthy cages for the duration of their lives. They also campaign for an end to cosmetic testing on live animals, pressure clothing stores to replace rabbit fur with synthetic alternatives and educate restaurant owners about the true cost of the rabbit meat they serve.

Finally, where possible FFR rescue rabbits from situations of abuse and/or neglect. These rabbits are rehabilitated by their dedicated foster carers, provided with the necessary veterinary checks, vaccinations and desexing and then placed in loving homes. If you think you have room in your heart and home for one of these adorable creatures, please check out the FFR website to view bunnies currently available for adoption, such as the very debonaire Blair.

This is Blair’s profile:

Rabbit Blair 2

Blair is a confident and outgoing French Angora boy, who was born in the rescue after his mother was rescued from a meat farm where she would have been slaughtered for food. Blair’s siblings have found their forever homes yet he is still waiting. This little-big man is all character and loves clowning around. He’s a friendly boy with lots of energy and is even well behaved during grooming.

Blair is a french angora which means, he does require daily brushing. At FFR we offer free lifetime grooming with our qualified pet groomer. This includes full clip offs and brushing up keep of their coat.

FFR have rabbits available for adoption within Victoria only. If you live in a different State and are interested in adopting a rabbit, please visit the Petrescue website, where you’ll find lots of bunnies looking for homes all across Australia.


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