Pet of the Month: Adopt a Greyhound

We strongly support the decision by the NSW Premier Mike Baird to ban greyhound racing effective July 2017. It’s hard to think of another victory quite as momentous as this one, where the rights and welfare of animals have been given priority over the profits and self-interests of humans. As expected, there has already been a massive backlash against the decision by those in the greyhound industry, and while we do feel for those whose livelihoods are at stake, an independent inquiry has found the industry as a whole to be inherently cruel on many levels and therefore unsustainable.

Those within the industry are now begging for a chance to reform themselves and many claim to love their dogs but let’s face it, if animal welfare was a concern at all they would have reformed themselves and weeded out the so called ‘bad apples’ without being forced to do so only after cruel practises, such as live-baiting and the large-scale euthanasia of healthy yet non-competetive dogs, were exposed by under cover investigations last year.

The most pressing issue now is the fate of the 10,000 or so dogs currently in existence in NSW that have been bred to race. While this in no way should be a reason for overturning the ban, animal welfare and rescue groups now have the massive task of finding homes for these dogs. Below is a list of organisations, compiled by Animals Australia, involved in the rehoming of greyhounds all across Australia. If you are interested in either fostering or adopting a greyhound, please click on one of the links.

Animal Welfare League NSW
Friends of the Hound (and QLD)
Greyhound Rescue
Gumtree Greys (also operate in QLD/VIC)
Nora’s Foster Hounds
Greyhound Adoption Program NSW (GAP)
Greyhounds As Pets (GRNSW):


Amazing Greys
Greyhound Rescue Victoria
Greyhound Safety Net
Gumtree Greys (also operate in QLD/NSW)
Gippsland Greyhounds
Greyhound Adoption Program Victoria (GAP)

Animal Welfare League QLD
Friends of the Hound (and NSW)
Gumtree Greys (also operate in NSW/VIC)
Animals in Need
Greyhound Rehoming Cairns & Tablelands District
Greyhounds New Beginnings – Life After the Track
Greyhound Adoption Program Queensland (GAP)

Brightside Farm Sanctuary
Greyhound Adoption Program Tasmania (GAP)

Greyhound Adoptions WA
Greyhound Angels of Western Australia
Greyhounds as Pets

SA Greyhound Adoption
Greyhound Adoption Program SA (GAP)

Greyhound Rehoming Association Northern Territory

For those of you in Sydney, the rescue group Greyhounds as Pets will be holding an adoption day this Saturday 16th July at Wentworth Park. For more information visit

Now is a time for animal lovers to rejoice in a victory that will prevent the suffering of tens of thousands of animals and that provides proof that compassion can prevail over cruelty.


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