Pharrell Willams and G-Star Raw for the Oceans

The incredible Pharrel Williams gives us another reason to be happy, by partnering with G-Star Raw Denim to create Raw for the Oceans. Plastic is retrieved from the oceans, shredded and created into fibres and spun into a range of denims and cool couture. This season’s collection has items for both men and women, such as distressed jeans, denim jackets, hoodies, coats, T-shirts and tank tops.

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The company tested the waters, pardon the pun, last year with it’s first collection and calculates that the equivalent of 2 million plastic containers have been recovered from ocean coastlines around the world and repurposed into clothing.

Pharrel is passionate about our oceans and the creatures that call it home and hopes that we all too can become invested in it’s future. “Dear human beings, we vacation by the oceans, we bathe in the oceans, we eat from the oceans, but very few of us think of the oceans beyond what we want from it,” he says. “The oceans need us now. We have a connection with the ocean. It yields so much life, including our own. We owe it.”

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So do your bit for our oceans and if you are looking to upgrade your wardrobe, check out the Raw for the Oceans collection.

You can also say no to that plastic water bottle or plastic bag and as always, please remember to Consume with Care!



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