Q & A with Rita Balshaw

Following on from our last blog about Perfection Potion products, the company’s health and wellness ambassador, the lovely Rita Balshaw, has very kindly taken some time out to chat with us about how to live consciously and ethically. As well as working for Perfect Potion, Rita is a life coach and author of two books. Subscribe to our blog in the next week ( and go into the draw to win a signed copy of Rita’s fantastic book “Hippies in the City – a guide to natural urban living”.


Q: What does being an ethical consumer mean to you?

A: Being an ethical consumer is about having awareness of where your products have come from, and how they have gotten to you. It’s about making a conscious choice to care. Being dedicated to protecting our animals and environment requires a coconscious effort to upkeep and act on with all your shopping transactions.

Q: When did you first become aware of the impacts that consumer habits have on animals and the environment?

A: Ever since I was a young girl I was deeply concerned about how my family and I effected animals and the environment. I can remember thinking that, “what we do to the planet, we do to ourselves”. I am proud of the fact, that as a 10 year girl, I questioned things that didn’t feel right. Excess packaging, synthetic skincare and processed foods never felt right, nor made sense to me. Growing up by the beach in Australia, very much connected to nature I consider myself a spiritual naturalist intrinsically driven by a natural and healthy life.

Q: Do you use Cruelty Free Beauty Products?

A: I only use Cruelty Free Beauty Products. I actually think it’s criminal that unethical beauty, skincare and home cleaning products are still authorised for selling. I am even more disheartened that people still support such industries and buy these disgraceful products. Is it that people genuinely don’t know that the products that they pour into the waterways, or the rubbish skincare they put on their skin is destroying their health, sabotaging our planet, and harming innocent creatures? Or is it just that they don’t care?

Q: Please share your favourites with us and why you love them?

A: My Absolute favourite cruelty free products are by Perfect Potion and Tinderbox. They are both Australian owned, small businesses based on aromatherapy and herbal medicine.

Perfect Potion evolved from an authentic love and passion of natural therapies. Through positive word of mouth, the business grew ‘organically’ from strength to strength, reaching a more consciously minded audience who are drawn to living a more nourished life. My favourite Perfect Potion products are the skin elixir facial oil, honey and chai double cream, pure rose body oil, expressive chakra essential oil and Turkish moon body wash.

Q: Do you subscribe to the mantra ‘You are what you eat/buy’?

A: “Live simply, the way Mother Nature always intended”.

Every day we should aim to eat a stable diet of fresh and nutritionally sound food; organic, biodynamic and wild crafted food is always best. A dietary and lifestyle regime should be a system that you can consistently maintain. The best approach to living is basically following a natural and modest daily routine.

Q: How do you inspire others to become ethically minded?

A: I guess through my book and day-to-day work at Perfect Potion I try to inspire people by just being my authentic self. People can see that by the way I live my life I am rewarded with great health and karmic blessings. I am certainly not afraid to tell people of the harmful chemicals that are in many cosmetic house brands, especially when I am treating clients with serious health conditions.

Q: What is your favourite animal and why?

A: I like owls. Their wisdom, their mystery, their majestic elegance. I find birds in general so captivating, they represent freedom and great liberation.

Q: If you could bring about one major change in consumer habits, what would it be?

A: I would like the consumer to stop being consumed with consumerism! Materialism, conspicuous consumption, consumerism, they all point to the same thing. A ticking time bomb that could potentially wreak havoc in the near future if we don’t do something about it. If I could give a magic potion to the world it would be a concoction made up of gratitude, authenticity, humility and contentment. Because when we attain these qualities the desire for wanting more material possessions dissolves.

Q: What was your inspiration behind Hippies in the City?

A: My deep, unshakable love for natural therapies was and remains the inspiration. At the time when I put together my first book, my 9-to-5 gig was working full time for the aromatherapy company Perfect Potion. I was so inspired by helping to heal and connect with people that each day I would come home excited to write, research, cook, create recipes and express my passion and knowledge through my writing. I deeply loved every second of the 2 years I spent constructing my book, I had no choice but to create it, and its process was fluid and organic.

Q: Is there a message behind your book?

A: The message behind the book is that a holistic lifestyle is very much the solution to human physical and emotional difficulties. I put my heart and soul into creating Hippies in the city book. I wanted to formulate something unique that covered all things healthy living; food, sustainability, aromatherapy, yoga and conscious living.

Q: Some people may shy away from the word, but what’s your definition of a hippie?

A: The hippie generation has evolved to be more about a holistic lifestyle which encompasses alternative living, personal values and industry ethos. Todays ‘hippies’ have new ideas on different topics that deal with the changing times. The hippie legacy can be observed in contemporary culture in myriad forms, including health food, music festivals, yoga, meditation, conscious living and sustainability. A ‘Hippy in the City’ is passionate about exploring how to live a more ecologically friendly life, with the understanding of what we do to our planet, we do to ourselves. Bob Dylan once said from the stage that he was never a hippie, but he was an “honorary hippie”. I’d like to say the same of myself.

Q: Could you share some tips on how you have personally created positive changes in your life?

A: I am very much effected by the way I physically treat my body. If I don’t eat wholefoods and exercise daily I notice that I feel very disconnected. So I make sure above all I attend to looking after my physical needs. The last 10 years of my career has been very on the go, jet setting all over the country and living a very fulfilling and very fast paced life. I have learnt to make positive changes to preserve my energy. Through meditation and yoga I have learnt to surrender and just trust the flow of life. Don’t seek, don’t search, don’t ask, don’t knock, and don’t demand. Just relax. If you relax, it comes. If you relax, it is there. It is important to know that every moment is serving a purpose in the great and divine master plan. All we have to do is accept our shortcomings and accept life and its challenges with ease and grace. Eventually all things fall into place.



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