Thumbs Up: Elgaar Farm dairy products

What is it?

Elgaar Farm is a brand of organic dairy products. Their range includes milk, cheese, yoghurt, cream and butter

Ethical credentials

Firstly, all Elgaar Farm products are organic. This means their cows are raised on pasture where they feed on a mix of grasses and herbs, which are never sprayed with artificial chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.

Their cows are not fed antibiotics or hormones and any ailments are treated with natural remedies.

The average lifespan of a dairy cow in Australia is 5 years but Elgaar Farm’s cows work for around 10 years. Instead of sending cows deemed too old for milking duties to the abattoir, their cows spend the rest of their natural lives grazing in a paddock. One of their cows lived to the ripe old age of 38!

Elgaar Farm milk is sold in glass bottles which they encourage their customers to return to the place of purchase and for which they offer a refund. More than 90% of these bottles are returned for washing, sterilization and reuse.

How does it taste?

We’ve taste tested the bio-milk, which is milk with probiotic cultures added, and both their flavoured and plain yoghurts and they were all absolutely delicious. They also produce a range of cheeses, including cheddar, feta and mozzarella which we can’t wait to try.

Where to buy it?

According to their website, Elgaar Farm products are only available in Tasmania and Victoria due to their limited production capacity, however, we have found their products in several of the organic grocers we frequent in Sydney. We have tried phoning the company on several occasions to ask when they will be updating the Where to Buy section on their website but have not been able to make contact to date. In the meantime, look for Elgaar Farm products at organic grocers, organic butchers and health food stores.


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