Thumbs Up: Mini Macro Beef Range

What is it?

Mini Macro Organic and Macro Organic beef products. Includes Beef Mini Meatballs, Beef Mini Sausages, Beef Sausages and Beef Burgers.

Ethical credentials

Made from certified organic Australian beef supplied by the Arcadian Organic Meat Company. According to their website their certified organic beef is “100% free from hormone growth promotants (HGPs), free from genetic modification (GM free), antibiotics and all other synthetic chemicals, and our farmers do not use feedlots to raise their livestock.”

How does it taste?

My family love the meatballs. I cook them up in a simple tomato-based sauce and serve them over a bed of risoni (small rice-shaped pasta) for a quick and easy mid-week dinner. They also love the sausages but found the burgers a bit on the dry side.

Sure these products are processed and shouldn’t necessarily be an everyday food choice but their convenience is a big plus and when you compare them to the equivalent non-organic product in the supermarket they don’t contain preservatives or artificial flavours, which is a bonus. Please see below for a list of the ingredients:

Mini Macro Organic Meatballs:

Ingredients: Beef, water, salt, potato starch, soy flour, rice flour, food acid (331, ascorbic), spice, sugar, dehydrated vegetables (onion, garlic), fermented rice.

Woolworths Traditional Meatballs:

Ingredients: Beef, water, maltodextrin, salt, sugar, soy protein, soy fibre, food acids (331, 262), onion, preservative (223), antioxidants (316,301), yeast extract, garlic, mineral salt (4540), spice, spice extract, fermented rice, flavour.

Where to buy it?

The Macro Organic range is available at Woolworths supermarkets Australia-wide.


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