Thumbs Up: Mulloon Creek Natural Farms Eggs

What is it?
Mulloon Creek Organic Free-Range Eggs
They also produce pasture fed organic beef, lamb and pork.

Ethical Credentials
Mulloon Creek have been producing certified organic free-range eggs since 2004.
Not only do their chickens receive high quality organic feed, they also spend all day free-ranging and eating fresh grasses, legumes and bugs.
Their hens’ sheds are open around the bottom so that they can freely graze on pasture but can easily move under shelter away from flying predators and the elements when they need. The sheds are moved once or twice a week to a fresh position within a 20-acre paddock. 

Water and supplementary feed is located outside of the sheds, close enough for easy access but far enough away to motivate the birds to get outside and roam. See for yourself at

Health Benefits
Having free access to fresh, green pastures means that Mulloon Creek eggs have significantly greater Omega 3 levels and a better Omega 3:6 ratio when compared to non-free range eggs. This has been confirmed by a recent independent test by the Measurement Institute of Australia.

Mulloon Creek farm is the campus for The Mulloon Institute and provides land for experimentation, research and education of ecological farming principles.

How do they taste?

Their eggs are delicious and even easier to digest when you know that they are true free range and organic.

Where to buy it?
Sydney & NSW
Harris Farms Markets
Eco Box, Dapto
Foodlovers, Bungendore
IGA, Braidwood
Mrs Watsons Organic, Cronulla
Organic Wholefood Store, Bowral
Queanbeyan Mega Health, Queanbeyan
Whole Foods House, Woollahra
As Nature Intended, Belconnen
Choku Bai Jo, Curtin
Eco Meats, Belconnen
IGA Friendly Grocer, Chifley
IGA Friendly Grocer, Cook
Natural Living, Fyshwick
Organic Energy, Griffith
Southlands Quality Meats, Mawson
The Allergy Centre, Macquarie


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