The Natural Makeup Look, Done Naturally by Toni Heague

One of the boldest beauty statements is making no statement at all. Complexions that appear to be untouched are gracing the pages of magazines and ruling the runways. So, how do you create a flawless face that comes across as au naturel? More importantly, how do you achieve it using natural products? With many Australian beauty brands keeping their ingredients list as close to the earth as possible by using either organic ingredients or a mix of natural and organic ingredients, it’s wonderfully achievable.

We break down different techniques and the products needed to perfect the no-makeup look, naturally.

  1. Skin. Apply a lightweight foundation (Adorn Liquid Mineral Foundation) or a BB Crème (La Mav Organic BB Crème) all over your face to even out your complexion. Then dab concealer (Adorn Cover Correction Concealer) only where you need it – around the sides of the nose, the outer corners of the eyes, under the eyes and any blemishes. To make skin look fresh and vibrant, finish with a spritz of toner (People for Plants Mist Toner). This will add dewiness and help blend makeup together.
  2. Cheeks. A pale pink blush plays up a perfectly creamy complexion. After applying foundation, add a flush by sweeping a light, rosy blush onto the apples of your cheeks out to the hairline. If you have dry skin or fine lines and wrinkles, try a cream blush (Adorn Cream Mineral Blush). If your skin is oily, stick to powder blush (Adorn Loose Mineral Blush). Powder blush is also better when the temps go up, while cream blush is better for cold weather.
  3. Eyes. Fill in your brows with a pencil (Ere Perez Natural Almond Oil Eyebrow Pencil) then comb them upwards with a brow gel (Ere Perez Lash & Brow Aloe Vera Gel Mascara) to set the look. Finish the eyes with a generous wipe of lengthening mascara (Ere Perez Natural Almond Oil Mascara).
  4. Lips. Nude lips have transcended from a trend into a new classic. To enhance the nude lipstick look, select a product with a hint of sheen (Adorn Nourishing Mineral Lip Gloss). For a plumper, more dramatic effect, apply a liner in the same shade as your lips (Ere Perez Sesame Lip Liner) prior to your lipstick.

Now you can let your natural beauty shine. With the assistance of these carefully curated, natural beauty essentials, it will be a rosier, glowier, more even-toned version!

Toni Heague, Founder and Director of Eva & Violet Cruelty Free Beauty

Photo Credits:

Photography by Scarlet & Sage Weddings

Hair & Makeup by Liv Lundelius Makeup Artist.


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