Thumbs Up: Egganic Free Range Eggs

What is it?

Egganic Free-Range Eggs

Ethical Credentials

The owners of the farm that produce Egganic eggs, Jacqui and Jim, place a very high priority on animal welfare and the eggs they produce are truly free range. Their hens are free to roam on pasture, where they are able to peck in the dirt and bathe in the dust just as nature intended. Hens are stocked at a maximum density of 300/hectare (which is even less than the organic standard of 1500 hens/hectare) and they are not debeaked.

Jacqui and Jim haven’t applied for organic certification, as they like to be able to treat their hens with medicines in case of illness, but in every other way they either meet or exceed the organic standards for egg production. They are, however, certified by Humane Choice. You can read more about the Egganic story and view footage of the farm on their website

How do they taste?

The eggs have a deep yellow yolk and a gorgeous rich taste which you would expect from a premium quality, true free range product.

Where to buy?
Egganic eggs are available at a range of food stores and café’s/restaurants in Sydney, Orange and Bathurst. For a full list of where to buy, please see their website:




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