Thumbs Up: Footprint Fashions

What are they?

Footprint Fashions is an Australian online retailer selling a great selection of cruelty-free shoes, bags and accessories, but what caught our eye about these guys in particular is that they sell vegan dance shoes, including ballet flats by Cynthia King and a range of dance shoes by Ethical Wares.

Ethical credentials

While there is a growing awareness about the mistreatment of animals raised for food, not many people give much thought to what goes into making the leather shoes they wear on their feet. It’s commonly believed that leather is a ‘by-product’ of meat production. However, as animal skins, sold as leather, have considerable value, they really should be considered more a ‘co-product’ of the meat industry, which contributes to an increased demand for more animals to be raised and killed.

Footprint Fashions was born out of a burning desire by founder Alessandra Rocci to contribute to a future where animals are not considered commodities and where their lives are regarded with the respect they deserve. She hopes to achieve this by making cruelty-free footwear available to everyone.

How do they look?

Footprint Fashions sells Cynthia King ballet shoes in adults and kids sizes in black, pink and peach. They also sell Ethical Wares mens and womens dance shoes in a range of styles.

activiste – Version 2 cynthia-king-ballet-shoes4

Other great cruelty-free brands you’ll find on the site include Matt & Nat and Etiko.

matt-and-nat-orange-bag white_sneakers_lowcut_side-500x500

Where to buy?

Visit the website Footprint Fashions. They ship worldwide.



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