Thumbs Up: Innoxa – Make-up range

Now that my teenager has become interested in makeup, my dilemma is how to satisfy her need for the products she wants without chemicals and which are cruelty-free. How could I go past a company who’s catchline is First Do No Harm.

What is it?

Innoxa makeup range

Ethical credentials

From it’s beginning in 1920 the Innoxa philosophy has been First Do No Harm. They do not test on animals and they are accredited on the Choose Cruelty Free list (for more information on choose cruelty free, please go to the Guides section on

Innoxa takes inspiration from nature, utilising plant, mineral and marine extracts. Innoxa products are for humans, which is why they only make hypo-allergenic products that are safe to use on even the most sensitive of skins.

Innoxa has chosen to forego the lucrative Chinese market and does not sell it’s products in China as, local laws and regulations require animal testing for cosmetic products to demonstrate consumer safety as part of the product registration process. This is a mandatory legal requirement applicable to all cosmetic products sold in China.

How does it look?

I took my daughter along to try out a few of the items, determined to share with her the concept of less is more when it comes to make up. She really liked their colours and range and picked out the 2 in 1 eye liner and eyeshadow in a youthful pear pink/charcoal grey, a lip glaze in plum and a perfect lash mascara. No point burying my head in the sand, I thought, if she is going to wear make up, at least we can both feel satisfied our requirements are met, mine for a natural and cruelty free product and Miss 14 and a half, for the latest looks and colours.

Where to buy it?

Cosmetics available at Myer and Priceline

Skin care, bath and body and toiletries at all major Pharmacies


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