So I have this ongoing battle with my teenagers in the supermarket about them wanting, needing, having to have whatever the latest deodorant is on the market. They watch TV and like us all are targets for the lifestyle advertising and false promises that new products promise to deliver.
I explain to them as calmly as possible (the hundredth time), that we don’t buy or support products that test on animals, or from companies that care more about profits, than our environment or about people.

Luckily there are plenty of products on the shelves that serve the purpose without any nasty hidden secrets and hopefully will gain more street cred as time goes on. Anyway I’m not budging on this and here are the products we use and recommend.


* Contains 95% Certified Organic Ingredients
• Contains 100% pure Tea Tree Oil
• Contains 100% naturally derived ingredients
• Aluminum free
• Low-irritant
• Free from polysorbates, petrochemicals, propylene glycol, lauryl sulphates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colours, preservatives, synthetic parabens and animal derived ingredients

Ethical Credentials

Australian owned and produced, Thursday Plantation bought degraded cattle and sugar farmlands to establish sustainable and ecologically-sound tea tree production in 1988. They established the Australian Tea Tree Industry Association and lobbied the government to get involved in supporting research and building up awareness of the wonder and value of Australian Tea Tree Oil.
Thursday Plantation, Australian Tea Tree Oil products are now sold in 20 countries. Tens of millions of trees have now been planted and a magnificent sustainable industry is underway, returning hundreds of millions of trees to the native lands. 200 years of deforestation of the Tea Tree has been reversed.
Thursday Plantation products are sold throughout health food stores and pharmacies in Australia and Internationally.

Harmoni’s Kiss is the first beauty product to wear the Australian Certified Organic label. Harmoni’s Kiss meets strict standards and contains 95 percent organic ingredients and 5 percent of the very best natural ingredients. Harmoni’s Kiss also undergoes annual audits, meets stringent national production standards, and is totally transparent in their ingredient list. They source local ingredients, using sustainable processes and package in recyclable bottles.
Available Online and Retail – Store Locator

BIOLOGIKA Spray On and Roll On Deodorants
Biologika have a good range of fragrance free and naturally perfumed deodorants for women and men. Not tested on animals, cruelty free, vegan friendly and environmentally responsible. All products are made with natural and certified organic ingredients, are free from harsh and synthetic chemicals or artificial fragrances.
Every aspect of manufacturing is carried out in a manner that has the least impact on our surroundings. All of Australian Biologika products are processed in a certified organic plant located in Riddells Creek, Victoria, Australia. 

They use recyclable packaging, all sourced from Australia.
Look for their products in Health Food Stores or shop online
There are many other products on the shelves that toe the line, with regards to environmental and cruelty free principles. Take a moment to read the label for ingredients and look for the cruelty free logo.


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