Thumbs Up: Pammies

Vegan ugg boots are probably not the first things that spring to mind when you hear the words ‘a pair of Pammies.’ And while it’s true Pamela Anderson has many fine attributes, we love her best for her animal activism and her efforts to promote a cruelty free lifestyle.

One of the things I have missed since ditching leather a few years back is slipping my feet into a cozy pair of uggies on a cold winter’s night. I have tried a few synthetic ones but they just don’t compare in terms of comfort and quality. Thanks to Pamela Anderson and her vegan ugg boots I no longer have to miss out.

What are they?

Pammies are a glamorous, vegan version of traditional ugg boots. On her website Pammy says she feels bad about being partly responsible for the ‘fluffy boot craze’ back in her Baywatch days, as she didn’t consider then that animals suffered and died to make those boots. She hopes to make good with her cruelty-free version of the iconic ugg.

Ethical credentials

Pammies are made from a material called Ultrasuede® HP, which is made from recycled industrial materials, such as scrap polyester films used in smart phone screens. The technology used to recycle these materials uses less energy and creates lower CO² emissions when compared with other recycling methods.

One dollar from every purchase goes to the Pamela Anderson Foundation, which supports organizations and individuals that stand on the front lines in the protection of human, animal, and environmental rights.

Pammies 2

How do they look?

Well of course they look pretty darn good on Pamela Anderson but we reckon they’d look great on you too (I’ve just ordered a pair so I’ll let you know). Winter is going to be so much more bearable in a pair of these babies!

They come in four styles – the Misto, the Malibu, the Cove Classic and the Zuma – and there is a choice of five colours.

The MalibuThe Cove Classic

The MistoThe Zuma

Where to buy them?

You can order your pair of Pammies online here. They ship worldwide.


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