Thumbs Up: Quorn Products

What is it?

Quorn. A range of meat-free, soy free products made from mycoprotein, which is a member of the fungi family. Mycoprotein is low in fat, high in dietary fibre and a good source of protein.

The Quorn range includes ready made meals, such as sausages, burgers, meatballs and schnitzels as well as cooking ingredients, such as mince, strips and pieces.

Ethical Credentials

Quorn products are meat- free, making them a good choice for vegetarians and those looking for some meat-free meal options.

All Quorn products sold in Australia and New Zealand (except one, their Classic Burgers) are made using free range eggs. In their products containing cheese they use only non-animal rennet.

According to the website, one of the main reasons Quorn foods were invented was to be part of the solution to the growing global population’s increasing demand for protein. They go on to say that livestock are an inefficient source of protein and Quorn products are a more sustainable option. For example, they claim that the carbon footprint of Quorn mince is up to 90% less than that of beef.

How does it taste?

My family and I tried the Chik’n Nuggets, the cheese and spinach schnitzels and the Chilled BBQ Sausages. The first two were a hit – my daughter asked to have them again the very next night. I haven’t tasted chicken in over 25 years but I reckon they’ve done a great job replicating the texture. The sausages, however, were not a great success. Nat uses the Quorn mince to make spaghetti ‘bolognaise’ and swears her kids can’t tell the difference – I hope they’re not reading this!

One of the criticisms levelled at Quorn products is that they’re highly processed and therefore could hardly be classified as a health food. For this reason I personally wouldn’t be eating them on a regular basis but still feel they’re a good meat-free option if you’re short on time or craving the texture of meat.

Where to buy it?

Quorn products are currently available in both the chilled and frozen sections of Coles and Woolworths supermarkets and can also be found in some of the smaller independent supermarkets.




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