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Hello again. After a longer than expected hiatus, we’re back with a new look logo and website – we really hope you like them! We’re so pleased to get back to what we love doing, which is providing you with recipes, product reviews and lifestyle tips, which we hope will inspire and empower you to live and love life in an animal loving, cruelty free way.

We want to share with you 3 fantastic books, which we think would make ideal gifts for your animal-loving friends and family.

Do Unto Animals: A friendly guide to how animals live, and how we can make their lives better by Tracey Stewart



We’ve loved Jon Stewart (ex-host of The Daily Show) for many years but we love him even more now that we know his wife Tracey is a life-long and passionate animal advocate. In her book Do Unto Animals she focuses on the different types of animals we are fortunate enough to share our planet with – our companion animals, the wild animals that inhabit our backyard and farm animals – and how we can improve our interactions with them.

Do Unto Animals is illustrated with beautiful hand-drawn pictures and would be especially great for those wishing to inspire a sense a wonder about animals in those around them, including our children.


A Dog Named Jimmy by Rafael Mantesso



If you’re like the majority of people who consider bull terriers to be ugly and weird looking, we reckon this book may just change your mind. The books creator Rafael Mantesso’s wife left him on his 30th birthday, taking everything but their bull terrier Jimmy. Alone in their apartment, Rafael began taking snaps of Jimmy using simple props or against the backdrop of pictures drawn with a black marker on the white walls. The result has become an international phenomenon and would make a fantastic addition to any coffee table.


Rescue Dogs: Heartwarming tales of dumped dogs that have found their forever homes by Carey Edwards (Australian Working Dog Rescue)


It’s so great to see that while many people still prefer specific breeds of dogs, these days rescue dogs seem to be just as popular. This book documents the amazing work done by Australian Working Dog Rescue (AWDRI), which fosters and rehomes working dog breeds, including cattle dogs, kelpies, border collies and koolies. Gorgeous photos accompany the stories of the many lucky dogs that have been given a second chance by AWDRI. The book also pays tribute to the volunteers, foster carers and adoptive families who rescue the dogs from pounds around the country and provide them with temporary or permanent homes. We especially love the ‘foster fails’ stories – where the foster carer falls for the dog they are supposed to be looking after on a temporary basis and adopts the dog. These, they say, are failures to be celebrated! Proceeds from the sale of this book will help AWDRI to continue their wonderful work.

Once again, it’s great to be back and as always, please remember to Consume with Care!


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