Where To Buy

We are really fortunate in Australia that ethically produced animal products are now widely available. You can shop for higher animal welfare animal products at the following:


Most of the large and some of the smaller supermarket chains carry certified organic and some certified free range meat, poultry, eggs and dairy.

Specialty health food/organic stores

These types of stores usually only carry non-factory farmed animal products from smaller scale, free range farms. If a product doesn’t display a logo indicating organic or free range certification, speak to a shop assistant to find out about farming methods used.

Organic butchers and butchers specializing in free range meats

Any products claiming to be organic should display a logo indicating organic certification. Free range products may not necessarily be certified free range. If in doubt, speak to the butcher to find out about farming methods used.

Farmer’s markets

Shopping at farmers’ markets is a fantastic way to get up close and personal with the people who produce your food. Farmers who sell their produce at farmers’ markets usually have small scale farms and don’t use intensive farming practices. Their produce may not be certified organic or certified free range but you can talk directly with them to find out about the farming methods used.

See www.farmersmarkets.org.au to find markets in your local area.

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